We know that toilets can be the make or break of your festival experience.

Pootopia was spawned from mother company Natural Event, to allow YOU to value your toilet experience.

Pootopia is an alternative option to the general provision of free toilets across a festival site. It operates on a user pays basis.

  • Clean Option

    We have a specialised team of convivial hosts to ensure your toilet is clean, hygienic and stocked to your satisfaction every time.

    Knowing that Pootopia is a clean choice provides the peace of mind required to really relax and take your time, honouring the important process of detoxifying elimination. With this, you are set well on course to reach Pootopia. The rest is up to you.
  • Green Option

    Our above ground composting toilet, is a self-contained system. We do not use water to flush, nor do we use chemicals or power to treat. From your poo and wee, we generate a safe and valuable resource, returning your digested nutrients and fibre back to the soil.

    Knowing that Pootopia is a positive ecological choice may be a factor for your enjoyment and support. You have the opportunity to engage and learn about this sustainable sanitation solution.
  • Fun Option

    Pootopia has proved itself to be a valued and revered festival destination, making pooing fun and dignified for you and your friends.

    Knowing that a trip to the toilet will be an entertaining experience rather than ‘time out’ from your festival makes staying regular a possibility amidst your busy day. You may strike it lucky and arrive at Happy Crappy Hour, or even win yourself a free shit with Trivial Poosuit.

    You are very welcome to kick back in the Poo Lounge and enjoy the live broadcast of Poo.Fm our Sanitation Station*.

    *Poo.Fm and the Poo Lounge may not be a feature at every Pootopia portal.

We accept all types, solids, liquids & gas